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What is Nox?

The Roman goddess of night.

A Harry Potter spell.

Tucson’s ONLY luxury slumber party company! 

After years of a magical friendship and planning over the top birthday parties for our kids, we decided to channel our creativity into something extraordinary. Tired of the usual indoor jump park gatherings and the pressure for Pinterest-perfect events, we sought to bring a touch of magic to the Tucson kids party scene.

We believe that the key to truly memorable parties lay in WONDER and JOY. The sparkle in a child's eyes, the infectious smile on their face, and the sheer magic that fills their hearts – these are the elements we aim to capture and deliver at every celebration.

Each slumber party unfolds like a chapter in a magical storybook, with cozy tents, twinkling lights, and laughter that echoes through the night. So, don't be surprised if your child's next birthday becomes a tale of enchantment, where dreams come alive, and the night itself embraces the magic of celebration.

Book a small party and create big memories!

Kate & Amy 
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