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What is Nox?

The Roman goddess of night. A Harry Potter spell.

Tucson’s #1 slumber party company! 

After years of a magical friendship and planning over the top birthday parties, we channelled our energy into something fun and creative. As a result, throwing an amazing party for your kids just got easier for you!

As moms we know how much time and effort it takes to plan a party.  A Pinterest perfect event isn't always possible and there have been too many parties at indoor jump parks.  

We offer something unique and truly memorable to the Tucson kids party scene.

Our Nox Slumber Party experience provides the rental of handcrafted tents, bedding and themed decor straight to your home.

We take care of delivery, set up and collect it all the next morning.

Book a small slumber party and create big memories!

Kate & Amy 
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