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Go beyond the common room with our ultimate Wizarding School experience and delve further into the magical world.  Your guests can receive their own Maurader's Map invitation, walk through Platform 9 3/4 and attend a Herbology class.  The experience is yours to create. See below for further details.

Custom Wands
Handmade Wands

The wand chooses the wizard! All our wands are handmade out of the finest wizarding materials!

Accio Slumber Party!

$10 per wand

Platform 9 3/4

Head through Platform 9 3/4 and into your very own Wizarding School Experience! The perfect welcome for any witch or wizard! Comes complete with trolley, luggage and owl!



Anything off the trolley dears_
Candy Trolley

This late-night snack cart will fulfill all your magical cravings. All candy themed perfectly! Careful, your chocolate frog only has one good jump in them!


Potions Class
Potions Class

Brew your own Wolfs Bane potion with the help of our instructions and essential ingredients.  Say the incantation and watch it bubble!

$25 for five cauldrons

$5 each additional cauldron

Herbology Class
Herbology Class

Create your very own clay mandrakes and plant them safely in their new pots!  Fluffy pink earmuffs included!

$25 for five pots

$5 each additional pots

wizard sign
Personalized Page Banner

Our whimsical custom party banners are perfect for your experience!  Each letter is custom made and put onto a chapter page! 

$2 per page

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