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Giving Back

Tucson is filled with family, friends and a vibrant community. We at Nox Slumber Party want to be sure that we are giving back to the place that we call home.


Our company's mission is to create magical memories that last a lifetime - whether that is creating slumber party experiences with friends or helping those make a difference in our community. 

We would like to do our part to honor the people that keep us safe by providing a magical experience for their families. We all know a Tucson area First Responder. A family member, a friend, maybe someone who has helped you. This is your chance to do something for them!


Nominate a First Responder in your life to win our Nox Slumber Party Experience! This slumber party includes up to 5 tents with mattresses, bedding, themed decor of their choice, lights, and personalized sleep masks!


Each month for the rest of 2020 we will pick one FIRST RESPONDER family! All information will remain confidential unless the winner would like to be identified.

Nominate a First Responder!
Please select one of the following:

Thank you for your nomination!

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